My new blog and this one

Hey I just haven’t been able to post for a while. I am only going to post maybe once in a while. But I will be posting daily on my friends and my blog. If you are wondering what that blog is the URL is right there👇👇


So I hope you have a good day. I am spending the day with mom today .😃

-Delaney F 



Hey I have gotten back on my blog!! I am finally in 6th grade. I had a wonderful summer of riding my horses and working with my mom!!

My 6th grade year has been fun. I am reading Paperboy it is the best book ever! I am writing some really good stories this year!! Their is a lot of homework this year. I wish I was in 5th grade but, I do love 6th grade!!

First day of camp!!

“Delaney wake up for camp, kobey go in the house!” It was time for camp I just couldn’t wait. First we had to feed the denver before we got him out.

5 mins later…

We got Denver out. I washed his feet off. Then let him eat the rest of his breakfast. After that we louded up and was in the road!!!

1 1/2 min later..

We were there!! We unloaded him then I got his stuff on and I was ready to go.

So after a while we got to going and Denver was being a little onry at the moment. Then the trainer told me what to do and then he was much more better.

She taught my horse and I how to do some ground work. Then it was private lessons.

I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!! I had a great day today!!!




Hey its me!  I’m  sorry to not be doing my blogs often. I just haven’t had enough time to do it but for know on I will start doing my blogs either in the morning or in the afternoon. I am promising all of you guys this. I just have to change my schedule for now on.

Mr. Wiggle Pants

“ Hi my name is mr. wigle pants. I can’t stay still if i am sitting down. When a kid is sitting on my lap oh my they just fall off I don’t know why. Well so i am Mr. wiggle pants i have 5 cats 100 hippos 15 crabs 12 dogs 13 horses and 1 daughter and 1 son and 1 wife.”

Then a kid says “ Mr. Wiggle pants are you done yet.”

Then MR. Wiggle pants says “hold on i think i have 5,000,000 more things.”


“I don’t know are we.” Wiggle pants says. The kid says “ YES.”

Then wiggle pants says “ OK today class we are going to learn about really i don’t know what we are going to talk about.”

Kid “Then just say something.”

“ I will then.” said wiggle pants .

“I am going to read you a This is Just to Say poem.”

So mr wiggle pants reads them some poems.

Some very popular poems. Like.

This is just to say

I clean your poop up

held you so you would fall asleep

i clean your pee up

also i feed you

Forgive me

i’ve done enough

This is just to say

I took some bubble gum

from you and ate it

it was yummy

really yummy

Forgive me

i wanted some

This is just to say

I took your phone

when you weren’t


i took some

photos and

set it as your


Forgive me

it was funny

and i did it on


This is just to say

I love you lots

your are a great cook

could you make some

mac & cheese tonight

with love

forgive me

i’m really hungry

Those were awesome the kids said and then oh no my typing is running out of wo…

The End


Survey please do !!

1.) what do you think you need most in your lifetime?

2.) if you were the president what is one rule you would make?

3.) what is your favorite animal?
A. Dog c. Other..( if other, what is you favorite animal)

4.) what is you favorite state?

Thanks for doing this survey I can’t wait to see your answers!!!