Italia a girl who was homeschooled

Once upon a time there was a girl named Italia. Italia was sweet, intelligent girl. She always got homeschooled for years since kindergarten to Fifth grade. Then she had to go to school in sixth grade. At first she hated herself. Then she noticed she could make friends at school finally she got it.
School is one week away. Italia said to her mom “ I wish we were poor again.” She slammed the door on her mom. Her mom said “ I didn’t know this was going to happen.” In the middle of the night italia climbed out of the window and ran in the forest and got in her favorite tree.
First day of school. Italia’s mom called for her “ Italia .” Her mom said it again and again. Finally her mom went upstairs so mad she could tear everything down. She opened the door really fast and said “ ITALIA.” Italia wasn’t there , she was gone.
The next day…
Italia’s mom went out of the house searching for her. She yelled and yelled for her. Italia was nowhere to be found. When italia’s mom came in the house the school called and called. Finally she answered and the school asked if Italia was coming to school. Italia’s mom said “ I can’t find her.”
Three mins. later ….
Italia’s mom called some friends over. She told them all about Italia. There were twenty-six people helping. All of them split up into two. Two people were searching in the woods and was looking at the top of the tree’s. They couldn’t find her. So they went looking in the forest looked up the trees. Finally they found her at the top of her favorite tree. “ Italia “ the two said. She said to them
, “What do you guys want.” One of the persons said,
“Your mom is very worried.”
Italia said “ All i am going to have to do is go to school.”
10 Mins. later…
Italia was safe at home her mom told her how worried she was. Italia asked if she had to go to school and her mom said no. So Italia was happy as could be. The next year… To Be continued…


The Day the Butterflies Came

Chapter 1
If you are reading this right now, well, good. Hi, my name is Intense. I know it sounds weird. Yesterday my grandpa died, his name was Dave . He was really special to me. Today is my birthday I can’t wait to open my presents. I found this note on the my desk today in my room. I haven’t opened it yet. I wonder if it’s from my mom. Well it couldn’t be because my mom is in Georgia. Maybe I could ask my sister, Abigail. “Abigail do you know what this note is about?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about Intense.”
Ok, whatever, I really don’t care so I am going to open it.
Ok, this is what it said:

Dear Intense,
I’m going to send butterflies your way. Do not get scared. Their colors are blue, gray,and purple. Do not show Abigail or your mom either. Now, do what you want but be careful.
Your Dearest,

Throw this away ASAP…

OK, that was awkward. I am just going to keep this in my treasure chest. No one will ever find it there.

Chapter 2
So that was creepy. Did grandpa write this before he died cause this is creepy. Also why did he say do not let Abigail. I have to call mom. But the letter it says
Don’t tell mom either

Why, am I not supposed to tell anyone? I know I am going to say this again but it is very, very creepy. Ok seriously this is weird, I think I am going to freak myself out even more so I…

Wow, ok that was weird I just fell down the stairs. But i never tripped. I think some demon is trying to get me, I, don’t know. Ok, i’m out. See you later….

1 Hour later…

Chapter 3
I am so happy right now , I can’t wait to see my sister. Wait , did I tell you yet? Oh yeah, no, ok so my mom adopted a little girl in Georgia. Her name is gonna be Lilly. Also she is still a baby. Yeah I am so happy because my favorite name is Lilly and also I love babies!!! I have to say, I am gonna be the middle child because, Abigail is 18 and I am only 11. Everybody depends on me not Abigail though. Lilly will be the youngest.
I bet she would be a great little sister. Tomorrow I’m going to get airplane tickets so I can go to Georgia. CAN’T WAIT!!!! So happy!!!

Chapter 4
Going to Georgia
I am just now getting my tickets for Georgia because, last night I could not get them because they were closed and I don’t have a phone. Abigail has a phone but she wouldn’t let me use it so I took from her bedroom this morning and she doesn’t know how funny is that!!!

So I just got online and the tickets are $110.00 per person. I don’t have that kind of money though?!?

I just got in Grandpas bedroom and found another envelope on the treasure chest and this is what it says.

Dear Intense,

I can’t talk for long because, I am going bowling at the Greek in to go meet Zeus so yeah. What I want to tell you is do not go to Georgia you know why is because Lilly supposively is a demon. You need to warn your mom before they go to court and make it official .

Your dearest,

Ok then that was weird I might as well cancel the tickets. No I shouldn’t but yeah I’m not going to. Never mind I’m gonna listen to grandpa. So I am staying home. Now I can go give Abigail her phone without waking her up.

Chapter 5
Waiting for a note tonight
I have been waiting for this note for quite awhile.
I am going out to get the mail because, Abigail obviously can’t.

Oh my, there is lots of mail in the mailbox. Ok half of these are Abigails. Oh, theres one for me. The card only says ‘call

Ok, that was a little weird. No matter what, I am going to call that number.

Ring ring

‘Hello ???’

‘Hello, this is Intense you wanted me to call this number???’

‘Ok, so do you know why I want you to. It’s because I am your grandpas guardian, but I am here to help you. Cause someone is trying to get you and your grandpa doesn’t want you to get hurt. So pack up and come to South Carolina.’

Then I just hung up and and took a deep breath went upstairs and packed my bags.I know it’s weird though. I am going to go try to get my sister phone. See you later…

Chapter 6
South Carolina

So I am trying to get the tickets and I found blue butterflies and gray, purple butterflies. Grandpa was right, they were coming. I am so not going to tell abigail. Okay now I am going to sneak into Abigail’s room…..

10 Minutes later…

I finally got her phone. It took me about five minutes to wake her up. Then finally it took me another five minutes to get her phone.

I am on the South Carolina plane website. The plane tickets are actually, less than when I was going to Georgia. They are only $19.99. I mean I can pay $40.00 dollars straight.
Chapter 7
Wrong Plane
Abigail and I are going to get the tickets out of the chest and are on our way to the airport.

Ok we just got the tickets and Abigail will not stop bugging me about going to South Carolina because, she wants to know why we are going.
I just can’t tell her though because, in grandpas letter it says don’t tell Abigail.

We are just know getting on the plane. I feel like someone is watching me so i just took a deep breath and calmed down. Then this girl came up to me and said
“Hey there do you know me.”
So I just said
“ sorry but I don’t”
“Oh my name is lilly you should know me. Your mom was going to be my mom until you ruined it for me. “
“What how I didn’t do anything.”
“ I know I was just kidding.”
“ Oh.”
“Yeah and I am watching you.
Oh man that was just scary. Oh and what plane am I on. So I just looked Out the plane window , the plane says NORTH CAROLINA. I said oh no this was all lilly’s fault. I am going to get her back…

Chapter 8
In North Carolina Riding Horses
I was on the wrong plane. Lilly looked so familiar from that picture she didn’t look like a baby she looked like she was like 10. Maybe she was Lilly.

But know we need to find 2 horses to ride to get to South Carolina. Abigail really does not like the idea of riding horses right now. She just has to go on with it because we have to be safe and not get hurt right now.

We just know reach the horses. Abigail is thinking too much to get on the horse……..

Chapter 9
Riding horse
“where are we “ said Abigail
Only half way …
‘Jees abigail you are the most annoying teenager I have ever spent a day with’. I was thinking that in my head when I said that because if I said that out loud I would be off my horse right now.
Well at least that is what I think that I would be of this horse right now. I don’t even know what is going through my head I am really confused I mean really it can not be that hard to think.
Think Abigail THINK!!!!!!!

Finally I got it. I am going to take abigail to a hotel first. So she can rest. Then I would go around and see if anybody knows how to get to South Carolina.

1hr later…

Phew that was the hardest thing to do but I am glad that is not far. All I have to to is go straight down this road that this hotel is on, then go right,after that you go left ,last but not least all you do is go straight. Then finally we will be in South Carolina…

Chapter 10
In South Carolina

Ooohhhh my we had a long way to ride. I think I will be acking for quite a bit…

Thank you so much for reading my little book! I hope you liked it.

Losing the best person of my life- My Grandpa

I woke up looking for my mom to go to work. I counldn’t find her at all. I was yelling at my sister asking her where mom was. All she said to me was ” What mom told me was to just take you to the grooming shop.” So I got dressed, went to go get in my sisters truck. When I got to the shop I went inside an ran to grandma. I ask her where mom was, she said “I don’t know.” So I got on the drier and sat there.

About and hour later…

My mom walked in and she came to me and she was crying. I wanted to know why my mom was sad. So I said “Mom why are you crying.”

Then she said ” grandpa Dave died this morning.” I suddenly felt sad. I feel like I just lost my hole life. Every night, until April came I was crying every night. I would always go to see him at his grave. I went out there one night to play cards and eat ice cream with him.

One day I new grandpa was with me. You know why I know he was with me because , every time I think of him it will hit me. I will be doing something and then boom I started thinking of him.

Ever since I have been a baby he has been my favorite grandpa on the universe.

His last words to me was ” I love you!”

Hello Denver and More !!!

Hello Denver . Hello Denver we have a show tomorrow. Hello Denver I love you so much. Hello Denver it’s show time!!!!

Hi Denver is a horse. If you didn’t know. He is my horse. I do western pleasure on him and fast things. I might start trick riding. Since I can do anything with him.

I’ll tell you what I can do on him, I can stand on his back , slide off of him from the back, lay on his neck, and lots more.

Denver is my buddy and will stay my buddy.

Hot out

I am liking the hot.
Oh yes I am.
I love waking up in the morning and listening to the news so I can throw thoughs shorts on!!!
I love the hot and also having to put shorts and a tank top on!!!
Love the hot hope you do too!!

Hello there

Oh he is doing good.

Hi it’s me again. I’m going to school right know. I can’t wait to get into school, I don’t know if I should eat breakfast or not. I might . I don’t know .

Ok so I am going to have to have some ideas of what to right ??

Thank you so much .

I hope you Have the best day ever!!!

Really – Not Cool

Really did you have to get in the food. Really who didn’t shut the gate. Really I pray they don’t get sick. Really who am I ????

That was just a little fun thing I wanted to do but that was acutely what happens this morning. It was bad. I just pray that they don’t get sick.

That wasn’t so smart for them.

Thank you for guessing and reading I hope you enjoyed!!! Also if you guys have any ideas or influence for me I would be glad to put it on my blog.